Shawn has been incessantly writing his whole life. While he is a prolific writer, he is not necessarily a good writer in the sense of a Bronte sister or a Hermann Hesse. He was a horrible student and has never taken the time to learn to truly entertain through written words or to even punctuate well. His aim in writing has always been to inform his reader and so reading him can be a daunting experience for people hoping to escape reality. He has a tendency to over-explain things, to sound pretty didactic and to present information he feels is necessary to learning even if it fails to hold a reader’s attention. His punctuation can be horrible, and his run-on sentences can bog a reader down in a choke-hold. The basis of this are his punk roots which contribute greatly to his personal need to avoid selling or packaging his ideas in romantic language and so he creates “hear me” content which for some can be seen as self-indulgent.
This said, if someone reads to learn, to consider new views and/or information never before considered some of Shawn’s books may meet their desires head on. In the end, it might be said that his books are not hard reads but they can be hard to read. Shawn became interested in writing after seventeen years of reading some of the greatest books ever written.

Thirty pages that change the game of playing church.
God’s Merciful End of Brick and Mortar Religion
A believer’s refusal to join popular Christian Culture.
Moving toward Christian authenticity.
A believer's refusal to join popular Christian Culture." All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life." 1 John 2:16. Yet in the face of this, true Christians also know from the Word of God that our response to such darkness is to be spiritual, and we are to wage against it with the weapons of spiritual warfare and not carnal conflagrations.
Using the Bible to disprove man-made, end-of-the-world, second-coming hype.
Misinterpreting the purpose and place of the New Testament.
Thirty pages that change the game of playing church.
Footnotes on the Book of Revelation.
All you think you know about Christianity is probably wrong.
Using the Bible to prove that “brick and mortar” religion should have died a long time ago.
A series of “over-the-pulpit” sermons to the congregates of C.A.M.P.U.S. on four consecutive Sundays, beginning Sunday, June 9th 2013 and ending Sunday June 29th 2013.
Taking artistic liberties with a biblical tale about the donkeys Jesus rode into Jerusalem, The Kings Colt personifies the ani-mals in the story as a means to teach an important lesson to willful children about their loving Master.
This is the story of one couple’s arduous search for authentic living amidst a world of corporate corruption, greed and manipulation; a tale undergirded by principles and world-views often ignored by the masses who are collectively willing to sell their souls for a mess of potage.
A 650 page comparison between what Mormonism teaches as true doctrine and what the Bible says relative to each subject presented. Topics, arranged in alphabetical order, include areas such as Pre-mortal Existence, Priesthood, Race, Polygamy, the Bible, Grace, Apostasy, and Zion and are supported by LDS quotes and biblical citations.