Shawn McCraney

In order of his nature, Shawn McCraney is an artist, a seeker of Truth and authentic expression, an iconoclast and a punk who maintains a large dose of suspicion for cultures, institutions, and consumerism and the marketing that surrounds it. He is an admitted Christian Anarchist who allows only Christ to serve as King in his life and rejects most of the demands that come from society, government, cultures and organized religion. He diligently seeks the Father in spirit and truth and everything he does is a reflection of these authentic heart-felt aims. In the last twenty years of his life he has become an independent student of the biblical narrative. 

Shawn's Current FOcuses:

Heart of the Matter, Full Circle

Show, Current, 2006 - 2023

Heart of the Matter has come full circle, and we are here to DEFEND.
TUNE IN for the launch of Heart of the Matter: Full Circle!

Tuesday, May 7th at 8PM MT. Call in on May 7th to hear our thoughts and let us know yours. Get ready! More info at
Heart of the Matter, a live television broadcast that boldly confronts the intersection of Mormonism and Biblical Christianity, originates from the heart of Mormonism itself – Salt Lake City. Between 2006 and 2021, Shawn McCraney, the host, shared both entertaining and insightful perspectives on the history and practices of Mormonism, as well as delving into the essence of being a Born-Again Christian.
Transitioning from live television to YouTube broadcasting in 2013, Shawn expanded the scope of Heart of the Matter. He explored topics beyond Mormonism, engaging with issues within Christianity and Evangelicalism on a broader scale.
Mark your calendars for May 7th, 2024, when Shawn will revive Heart of the Matter with a fresh approach titled “Heart of the Matter: Full Circle.” This live call-in show, airing on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM MT, is a dedicated pursuit to empower individuals with the liberating knowledge of The Great News. In the Full Circle Series, Shawn aims to expose institutions that constrain believers today while providing them with spiritual insights to stand independently with God.
Notably, Shawn is the author of works such as “I Was a Born-Again Mormon,” “Mormonism A-Z,” “Revelations on Revelation,” and “Don’t F**k With Jesus,” among dozens of other publications addressing contemporary religious issues. The website,, serves as an archive for Shawn’s content from 2006 to 2021. For select episodes no longer publicly accessible, you can find them in our online learning center called Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth.
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The Marriage Mentor

Mentorship Program, Current, 2023 - Present

A Structured & Faith-Oriented Mentorship Program with Shawn Aaron McCraney. Pulling from his extensive knowledge of substantive biblical principles, Shawn has a no-holds barred approach to marital reconciliation, and is equipped at helping ameliorate the devastation caused by extra-marital affairs, substance abuse, physical addictions, financial mismanagement, debt resolution, compatibility problems and parenting disputes. Shawn's “Marriage Mentoring Approach” (MMA) is restricted and only offered exclusively to couples of faith who have had children together. He believes that certain principles, established by God in His creation of the human race go a long way in solving most issues that typically serve to destroy marriages today. He expects you to dodo your homework. Visit

The Great News Network

Network, Current, 2023 - Present

Religious supplements for seeking souls. Between failing religious institutions and flailing theological justifications, The Great News Network offers a sincere and contextual knowledge of YAHAVA and His Word to both ground and supplement the individuals' Spirit. Our use of the phrase 'The Great News' is a play on 'The Good News', a commonly used phrase in modern Christianity. Where 'The Good News' deploys fear to coerce individuals to accept Jesus through the threat of eternal punishment, 'The Great News' instead suggests that the age of punishment, law, religion, dogma, and authority is finished. We at The Great News, through diligently studied and lived research, find that God allows and liberates individuals to pursue, or not pursue Him as they choose. We are here to offer you the knowledge that has led us to this conclusion for you to consider in your personal journey, and implement at your discretion.

Verse by Verse Teachings (formerly C.A.M.P.U.S.)

Show, Current, 2006 - 2023

In 2006, Shawn McCraney, a self-taught theologian, embarked on a structured and public study of the Bible with the aim of discovering Truth. His pursuit focused on a personal understanding of God without any external influences. Since then, every week, Shawn has shared his learnings with a live audience, including YouTube viewers, followed by a question and answer session. The teachings aim to delve into the fundamental nature of God, exploring who He is and how He interacts with us today. Through these sessions, a profound appreciation for God’s love has emerged, reshaping perspectives on purpose and gratitude in everyday life. These teachings are accessible for free through our navigable course format. The sessions continue weekly on Sundays at 10 AM MT, welcoming both in-person and virtual audiences on YouTube. To gain more insight into the Verse by Verse Channel, watch the video featuring Shawn and Delaney from The Great News Network below.