Shawn McCraney

In order of his nature, Shawn McCraney is an artist, a seeker of Truth and authentic expression, an iconoclast and a punk who maintains a large dose of suspicion for cultures, institutions, and consumerism and the marketing that surrounds it. He is an admitted Christian Anarchist who allows only Christ to serve as King in his life and rejects most of the demands that come from society, government, cultures and organized religion. He diligently seeks the Father in spirit and truth and everything he does is a reflection of these authentic heart-felt aims. In the last twenty years of his life he has become an independent student of the biblical narrative. 

The Database

Shawn McCraney has dedicated his life to pursuing an authentic relationship with God and teaching others what he has learned along the way. His lifelong and prolific body of research can be found at this website, and is continually being built into navigable resources here at To find information on any of Shawn’s work, including and not limited to his teachings, shows, podcasts, books, and art, browse the pages below.

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