It’s Not the End of the World


Using the Bible to disprove man-made, end-of-the-world, second-coming hype.

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So many believers today have cut their teeth on Jesus’ Second coming being just around the corner, that taking this away from them is tantamount to taking the tires off a high-performance car. They honestly don’t know how to walk their Christian walk once the information has taken root. Additionally, many Christians who embrace Preterism experience a disconnect on how to read the Bible – so much so that many of them actually give up reading it all together! Again, when a person has been trained to read the Bible as if it was written to them in this day and age it can be challenging to retrain oneself to see it as having been fulfilled but having great spiritual applications to all people since it became available. Finally, people wonder, amidst what they are perceiving as spiritual chaos, what the purpose of life is if Jesus is not coming to rapture believers up and to destroy the world. Let me conclude with a brief summary followed by some insights and suggestions.