Below is a condensed list of the relevant experience that has informed Shawn’s body of work.  It ranges from formal to professional to personal. Refer to the organizations page to link to more information about each of Shawn’s experiences.

The Marriage Mentoring Approach


2023 - Present

Shawn McCraney is a father of three, a father-in-law to two, and a grandfather to three. Shawn has been married to Mary Marguerite (DuBose) for almost forty years. Shawn has sat with hundreds of people (and dozens of couples) mentoring them on Christian living and marriage. Shawn lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and mentors via remote access along with face-to-face encounters. He also facilitates two annual weekend (Fri-Sat) retreats a year – one free and one paid.

The Great News Network


2023 - Present

Between failing religious institutions and flailing theological justifications, The Great News Network offers a sincere and contextual knowledge of YAHAVA and His Word to both ground and supplement the individuals' Spirit. Our use of the phrase 'The Great News' is a play on 'The Good News', a commonly used phrase in modern Christianity. Where 'The Good News' deploys fear to coerce individuals to accept Jesus through the threat of eternal punishment, 'The Great News' instead suggests that the age of punishment, law, religion, dogma, and authority is finished. We at The Great News, through diligently studied and lived research, find that God allows and liberates individuals to pursue, or not pursue Him as they choose. We are here to offer you the knowledge that has led us to this conclusion for you to consider in your personal journey, and implement at your discretion.


Co-Founder, Teacher

2023 - Present

Yeshuans organically congealed when a small group of disciples of Christ the King got to know each other online and realized that they shared similar views on what is traditionally called, Christianity. Sharing a mutual distain for what that name has come to represent to most of the unbelieving world (brick and mortar religion, politically minded activities and conversation, public outcry against social evils and division based on doctrine) these nine souls – Kathy Maggie, Osvaldo Cruz, Adnan Albeitawai, Grady Risely, Sarah Young, Delaney McCraney, Michael Lake, and Mary and Shawn McCraney – decided to legally form an organization that offers an approach they hope to share with the world. This approach (not a church by any means) is founded on a fulfilled view of scripture, subjective faith, the Spirit and its fruit being primary (instead of recorded scripture) and the complete end of material religion. Yeshuan’s have no doctrine other than faith and love and the liberty to believe and live as each individual desires. We hope that the Yeshuan Approach might help liberate the world from the bondage of religion, unite the world of faith in love, and to help teach all seekers of truth to see the glorious victory YAHAVAH has had through His Son. We offer online instructions and hope that God Almighty will open the door for millions of Yeshuan Branches to open up around the world in a global effort to bring peace, love and understanding to all of God’s creations.

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

Founder, Teacher

2021 - Present

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is an online learning center presenting a holistic, contextual perspective on the Bible in order to incite spiritual liberty. cult.love offers a self-guided Learning Journey to provide a structured series of videos, publications, artworks, and other teaching aids, aimed at introducing an often overlooked and highly valuable perspective on the Bible. Shawn conducted all research and produced all content available at Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth.

Bjorn Books


2006 - Present

Shawn is the author of dozens of publications about organized religion and spirituality. His work is entirely derived from a robust body of research around the manipulation of liberty in modern religion; each work ranges in depth, complexity, and abstractness. Most notable of his publications are Born-Again Mormon, Where Mormonism Meets Biblical Christianity Face to Face: An A to Z Doctrinal Comparative between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity, Knife to a Gun Fight, Don’t F**k With Jesus, and Revelations on Revelation: Footnotes on the Book of Revelation.

Heart of the Matter

Writer, Producer, On Air Host

2006 - 2021

Heart of the Matter was a weekly hour-long live call-in broadcast comparing and contrasting Mormonism with tenants of biblical Christianity. This show was hosted on full-power television station KTMW (TV20) from 2006-2013, and then across independent channels from 2013-2021.

Alathea Ministries

Founder, Teacher

2006 - 2021

Alathea Ministries teaches the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ through media, including but not limited to television, publications, art and events.


Founder, Teacher

2006 - 2021

C.A.M.P.U.S. stands for Christian Anarchists Meeting Prayerfully To Understand Scripture. Meeting weekly for live-broadcasted teachings, members met weekly to listen to Shawn's research through each verse of biblical text taught in a verse-by-verse manner. The teachings unpacked linguistic, exegetical and contextual information about the text, and were followed with Q&A discussion.

Calvary Chapel School of Ministry


2004 - 2006

Shawn pursued full-time school of ministry where he and his cohort were personally trained in exegesis and biblical languages by Pastor Chuck Smith.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Missionary - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

1982 - 1984

From 1982 – 1984, Shawn served a 24-month volunteer service where LDS Church members devote themselves to full-time proselytizing and humanitarian assistance or service with the intent to convert individuals to Mormonism. In this short time, Shawn excelled in the calling, rising to levels of leadership among his peers.