Below is a condensed list of the relevant experience that has informed Shawn McCraney’s body of work.  It ranges from formal to professional to personal. Refer to the organizations page to link to more information about each of Shawn’s experiences.

Writer, Producer, Host

Heart of the Matter


Since 2006, ex-mormon and ex-evangelical Shawn McCraney has written and produced a weekly hour-long live call-in television show on the in’s and out’s of Mormonism from the perspective of Biblical Christianity. Over the course of time, he has pursued a knowledge of the Bible from historical context and has greatly evolved in his findings and perspectives along the way. The show is in its fourth iteration now as he comes “Full Circle” to Defend Mormons from the perspective of The Great News. You can attend these shows live in person or on YouTube @hotmtv each Tuesday night at 8PM MT.


Verse by Verse Teachings

(Formerly known as C.A.M.P.U.S.)


Since 2012, Shawn has conducted a live weekly teaching verse by verse through the Bible. Along with a live in-person and YouTube audience, Shawn has dug into each verse to unpack the original language, the extra- and intra- Biblical context, and the cultural clues that might help us understand its purpose and place for believers today. In that time, has come across life-changing facets of scripture that are entirely under known and often considered heretical to conservative believers today. All of his teachings are available for free, and continue live each Sunday at 10AM MT.


Don't Get Divorced.com


Shawn acts as a mentor for couples of faith on the verge of divorce. He brings his extensive research on marriage from biblical context and his subjective experience to help emphasize the growth they might encounter in pursuit of making it work.


The Great News Network


Shawn is the founder and organizer of The Great News Network. The Great News Network is the comprehensive collection of all of Shawn’s work to teach individuals Faith Without Religion through The Great News of biblical fulfillment. Shawn’s research substantiates most of the seven Channels that make up the Network, each bringing a varying degree of complexity and depth to The Great News.

Co-Founder, Teacher



Over the course of study with fellow seekers of God, Shawn contributed in organizing Yeshuans: The Community Ministry platform of The Great News Network. He works alongside his fellow seekers to help find, encourage, facilitate and promote the work of believers in bringing their perspective on the faith today.

Founder, Teacher

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth


Out of a passion for true authentic liberty, Shawn produced a series of courses that present the central tenants of liberty in Christ and how it is best achieved through an understanding of biblical fulfillment. He offers these courses for free and continues to add to the collection based on his current areas of focus.


Bjorn Books​


Shawn Is The Author Of Dozens Of Publications About Organized Religion And Spirituality. His Work Is Entirely Derived From A Robust Body Of Research Around The Manipulation Of Liberty In Modern Religion; Each Work Ranges In Depth, Complexity, And Abstractness. Most Notable Of His Publications Are Born-Again Mormon, Where Mormonism Meets Biblical Christianity Face To Face: An A To Z Doctrinal Comparative Between Mormonism And Biblical Christianity, Knife To A Gun Fight, Don’t F**K With Jesus, And Revelations On Revelation: Footnotes On The Book Of Revelation.​

Founder, Teacher

Alathea Ministries


Shawn was the founder of Alathea Ministries, the umbrella ministry that offered books, teachings and shows from 2006 – 2021. Alathea Ministries offered teachings on the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ through media, including but not limited to television, publications, art and events.


Calvary Chapel School of Ministry


Upon having a born-again experience, Shawn pursued and completed the full-time Calvary Chapel School of Ministry under the training of Pastor Chuck Smith. He was trained here in exegesis, biblical languages, and church orchestration within the proprietary Calvary Chapel methodology.


The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints


From 1982 – 1984, Shawn served a 24-month volunteer service where LDS Church members devote themselves to full-time proselytizing and humanitarian assistance or service with the intent to convert individuals to Mormonism. In this short time, Shawn excelled in the calling, rising to levels of leadership among his peers.