The Christian Anarchist Crookbook

All you think you know about Christianity is probably wrong.

This book is dangerous. Not to you the reader, but to religious charlatans who despise its contents, to fearful parents who want their children to remain in the denomination they have chosen for them, to religionists who would rather have you follow the traditions of Man than the Spirit through a contextual understanding of the Bible. Don’t read this book if you want to please Mom and Dad. Put it down if you want to be religiously manipulated for the rest of your life. But if you want to be free from men and their religious imaginations, if you want truth no matter what the cost, if you really want to know what Christianity is all about from a biblical perspective, read on – and be free – because all you think you know about Christianity is probably wrong.

Christian Anarchist – (a) an individual who has no other “arche” (primary form, force or authority, Greek) than Jesus Christ; (b) someone who embraces Jesus Christ as their sole lawgiver and who, from the point of view of faith or religion, refuses to allow anyone or anything come between them and their direct relationship with God through Jesus by the Holy Spirit; c) someone who as a Christian is an anarchist – believing they can govern themselves through their Christian life without the interventions of organized religions or institutional rules or demands; (d) someone who has experienced the ultimate liberation through a complete emancipation from every form of religious bondage.