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An A to Z Doctrinal Comparative
between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity

About The Book

Learn Mormonism from A to Z! Where Mormonism Meets Biblical Christianity Face To Face is a 650 page comparison between what Mormonism teaches as true doctrine and what the Bible says relative to each subject presented. Topics, arranged in alphabetical order, include areas such as Pre-mortal Existence, Priesthood, Race, Polygamy, the Bible, Grace, Apostasy, and Zion and are supported by LDS quotes and biblical citations. Much of the content is derived from the topical television show Heart of the Matter hosted by Shawn McCraney.

About The Author

Shawn McCraney, a former Mormon, hosted "Heart of the Matter," a live TV show in Salt Lake City from 2006 to 2021, where he taught compared and contrasted Mormonism against Biblical Christianity. In 2013, he transitioned to live YouTube broadcasting, expanding into various Christian and Evangelical topics. With over 1500 hours of video content on his YouTube channel, Shawn resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife of 35 years. He continues now as a writer, speaker, and teacher, emphasizing authenticity and truth-seeking in relationship to God. Notably, he's the author of books like "I Was a Born-Again Mormon," "Mormonism A-Z," "Revelations on Revelation," and "Don't F**k With Jesus," and his content from 2006 to 2021 is archived on hotm.tv.

Reader Reviews

Informative and Brilliant!
Mike Lake
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The book is based around the author’s TV ministry called ‘Heart of the Matter’ transmitting from Salt Lake City through the year 2010. The range of topics discussed and the author’s first-hand knowledge of LDS doctrine and later Christian ministry shines through - giving an incredible viewpoint of many facts and teachings that really helps anyone wishing to know about issues around the Mormon religion. Sometimes there are books that are so informative and useful they can change your life. This for me was one such book, helping to free me from 46 years of LDS bondage…a book I would defiantly recommend adding to one’s bookshelf. Probably not for the faint hearted though, as the facts can be quite in your face so to speak. But the content is well researched and the arguments well thought out. The style is a bit like a transcript of the show that can read somewhat unusual in places, but the coverage and illumination of the areas covered more than make up for this; simply put the book is a must and brilliant!
Great read!
Allison Marotz
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For people without theology degrees (like me) this side-by-side comparison breaks through the walls of ancient communication and subsequent language translations allowing the reader to clearly comprehend the message of both religions. The A-Z layout provides simple jumping to different topics if desired. For anyone with an open mind who is questioning their Christianity or Mormon roots or just wanting to gain knowledge about another religion, this book is a must have!!
Perfect Book to Truely Understand Mormonism
Dustin DeLair
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This book was a huge help in helping us come out of mormonism. It covers everything and is a must have for anyone who may ever come in contact with mormons who are trying to convert them. This protects people as it explains what is really happening and you are not just there thinking, "Hey these people are nice". It shows the side you need to see before you are stuck in the faith like we were. Definately recommend.
Studying Mormonism? You need this book!
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This book has been so extremely helpful in understanding Mormonism. It's a frickin' big book and goes over basically every topic you need to know. It's easy to read too, so you can digest a lot of this in one sitting. It includes many Bible verses and references in an understandable way. Highly recommend.
This is a great read.
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For someone rooted in Christianity that wants to more fully understand both the basis of their own faith and the differences with Mormonism, this is a great read.
Happy to know I wasn't alone...
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I felt so alone when I read the Bible side by side with the Book of Mormon canons. Little by little, my childhood beliefs were crumbled up and my heart broken. I tried to cry out to the world around me... I wanted them all to know they had been deceived... but my words fell on deaf ears... I felt so alone... The real Biblical gospel gave me comfort and enlightened my heart and mind... but I was lonely in the world.... I ran into a show on Youtube called Heart of the Matter, by Shawn McCraney. He was talking about ALL the things God had revealed to me... I felt so much joy and happiness! I wasn't alone! Someone else saw it too! Later, I went to one of his Sunday meetings in SLC. He gave my sister- in- law and I a stack of free books. This was one of them. Excellent read! Very informative and on the mark!!! I was born and raised LDS... It sickens me to see how clever and deceptive Satan can be... I was a child... I just wanted to know God... Satan stole the relationship from me, and now I'm getting it back!
Dear Sidney, please read!
Kelle Hauser
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This book is an incredible resource to help Christians and Mormons navigate the differences between Biblical Christianity and Mormonism. Unfortunately, many of the Mormons I met while living in Utah, seem to have no idea that there is such a vast difference between the two. They seem to believe they are Christians (and profess that they are), yet have no idea what true Biblical Christianity is. It can be very frustrating to have conversations with them. I wish every Mormon would read this book!!!!! At least they would know what their religion actually believes and has taught. Thank you to Shawn McCraney for sorting through the various topics and making it interesting to read!
Awesome Book
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Great Book!! This is a thoroughly written topical comparison of what the LDS believe (and propagate) in contrast to what the Bible teaches. This will be a valuable resource for dialogue with my LDS friends.

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