Get To Know Shawn MCCraney

We’ve gathered a few key resources for you to learn more about the person of Shawn that has created the robust collection of resources used by many.

To set the tone, Some music.

Shawn intimately perceives, comprehends and expresses life through the powerful mechanism of music. We encourage you to listen to this playlist (in order) to experience the affect of the major moment’s of Shawn’s life.

To put it all out there, an (extra comprehensive) interview.

Shawn sat down with his daughter Delaney to go through the details of his life. Unlike most “religious leaders”, “spiritual teachers”, or even just people, Shawn does everything he can to lay bare the raw and brutal truth of the details of his life, mind, hurt, and darkness. He believes deeply that this sincerity is the only means by which we might make progress in our lives, both individually and collectively. Consider watching this interview if you feel you need to know the deepest details of the person behind the teachings.

To put even more out there, another interview.

Researcher Matthew Bywater and his colleagues, including Jonathan Atack, have taken on an intimate study of Shawn and his radical healing experience. Shawn’s roots come from a sociopathic nature, and his life’s work is a testament to the healing and restorative nature of what Christ has done through the fulfilled perspective of Biblical text. Learn more about this ongoing process through this interview Matthew conducted with Shawn.

and, so much more.

Shawn’s life has been dedicated to publishing teachings and content to teach what it means to pursue God outside of the bondages of religion. To pursue God in the most free and authentic manner. He does everything he can, and has sacrificed everything he has, to do just this. And in this he has come to an incredibly powerful, efficacious, and deeply personal relationship with our Creator.

We encourage you to watch the interviews below, browse the remainder of this website, and most especially visit to get to know how Shawn has come to this conclusion.

Street Epistemology week continues with Anthony Magnabosco and special guest exMormon Christian pastor Shawn McCraney. After building the foundation of SE with episodes 1-3, in part 4, Shawn is kind enough to play our interlocutor as Anthony questions him about the roots of his religious beliefs. You’ll likely be very surprised with the way this interview progresses as Anthony does his best to display Street Epistemology in the Mormon Stories studio!

Premiered Dec 9, 2021 on Mormon Stories Podcast

Continuing our theme of interviewing past guests from some of our most popular and impactful interviews, we interview Shawn McCraney who first appeared on Mormon Stories in February 2010 to discuss his experience as a “Born-Again Mormon.” Shawn currently leads a church in Murray, Utah called C.A.M.P.U.S and has continued the ministry through a weekly streaming service, called Heart of the Matter. Shawn is widely known for his bold and sometimes bare-knuckled approach when comparing Mormonism to Christianity, and given his reputation as an animated and articulate speaker, this interview will keep you entertained and perhaps inspired.

In this interview we cover:

*Part 1: Shawn provides a brief recap of his born-again experience, and then discusses the meteoric rise, and ultimately descent of his tv program Heart of the Matter after he confronted local Utah Christian churches for focusing more on programs and tithes, and less on the Bible. According to Shawn, these churches were providing the same “bondage” to people as the Mormon Church was.

Premiered May 24, 2018 on Mormon Stories Podcast

Shawn is Interviewed by John Dehlin and we learn about Shawn McCraney growing up in the LDS church and how he became born again.

Premiered Feb 24, 2010 on Mormon Stories Podcast