Escaping Biblical Idolatry, Part 9

Of all the things people say in response to this Great News, this liberation offered to the world in and through the finished work of His Son, the following come forth the most:

Is there any eye-witness account to His return?

Remember, according to Hebrews only those looking for Him would witness his coming in the clouds.  This is why Yeshua told them to be on high alert once all the signs started manifesting.  Interestingly, when we consider the Left Behind Series which is a fiction on what the world would look like when the rapture hits in the future, the standard fare in that setting is always, “the world didn’t care to look for him or the whereabouts of those who were taken.  They simply made up a story about them going to the desert for some sort of Christian revival and left all of their belongings behind.

The story many believers today share about the Christians in Jerusalem in that day is that they saw the signs Yeshua gave them and they fled to a place called Pella.  However, more recent studies argue that the tradition arose in the second century among Jewish Christians who actually lived in Pella and claimed to be the successors of the original apostolic church in Jerusalem.  That makes some sense if there were people attempting to show that they came from the original church and were trying to take ownership of it.

Another response we often get is, “Well, if He came back and took His Bride then, what are we, chopped liver?”  In a way, yes.  But not really.  Just as God was the husband to the Nation of Israel, Yeshua came and took His Bride to the New Jerusalem above, which Paul labeled the, Mother of us all (Galatians 4:26) and together they bring forth children (you and I today) into the Kingdom.   We are not chopped liver, but neither are we the Bride.  We are those who in this world continue to choose to come to faith and to try and walk in His love for all.

Another popular response is, “Well if He already came back and took His Bride what do we (believers today) have to look forward to?

This one always humors me. 

Let’s suppose that Yeshua hasn’t come back yet.  That we are still waiting on His return , as the scripture says, for His Bride that had to be pure, holy, and without spot.  What exactly does his failure to return mean to a believer that died a thousand years ago, 500, 250, 100, ten years ago – or even yesterday?  Not a single thing, right?  They all lived their lives and died without a return in their experience.  So What?

My point is, His return or lack thereof should not change the way anyone lives who walks by faith.  Period.  And what believers look forward to is their lives here and now death and the hope of what awaits them in the future.

We’ve also had the question that asks,

“If your views are wrong what does this mean in your mind?”

Our answer is, “if our views are incorrect, and Yeshua has not come back for His holy and pure Bride, and if the Biblical narrative can be trusted, then the WORLD of Christianity is in deep schnit. Why?

Well, there needs to be apostolic leadership, local discipline, the covering of womens hair and them never speaking in church, widows washing feet, and as Yeshua said Himself in Mark 16:17-18

Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

I don’t see it and I especially do not see a Bride with at least 144000 virgin males holy pure and without spot on earth today.

No, if our views, which are biblically supported, are incorrect, then I have no idea how to understand really anything about this faith, or the Bible.   But I strongly suggest that we have done the homework and when we stack it up against all the other propositions, this view holds the most water. In our second to last segment, we are going to discuss what believers can expect to exist ever since the wrapping up of that former age so long ago.

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Shawn McCraney
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