Escaping Biblical Idolatry, Part 10

Go with me all the way back to the beginning – the Garden of Eden and the first human couple.  We remember that this was the entire human race captured in two people.  A couple.  Living in the space that God had created for them.  Free with only minimal directives on how to be and live.  We could say that they represented what the Living God prepared and wanted for the Human Race.

But this first human race decided to do their own will and they choice NOT to do His.  In that act the whole human race was cast out of the garden paradise and would have to be saved from their choices in and through the finished work of the Last Adam of Yeshua of Nazareth.

What exactly does this mean?  In summary it means that Yeshua came to earth and taking on flesh became incarnate and did everything necessary to repair what the first Adam caused in the world.

To me it seems that by and through His victory He took or brought the whole human race back into the Edenic state and from that time forward we are all standing (spiritually) before the same Two Trees – the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil – with the choice to eat of either freely, except this time, the results or outcome from eating from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil does not condemn us – we were all ready condemned by the first parents.

It merely means our loving Father now lets His creations live life according to their will and ways and rewards them, not condemns them, but rewards them for the Good they choose.  If they seek Him diligently, He will reward them accordingly.  If they have no interest in things of the spirit, they will reap accordingly both here and in the life to come. Because of His Son God has been reconciled to the world as sin has been paid in full so there remains an economy today of rewards and not punishment.

All people will receive according to how they sowed or planted in the lives they have been given all things considered.  Again, those who choose to sow to the flesh (body’s, carnal lives and minds) reap accordingly and those who sow to the spiritual mind and heart reap the same.

Because the Spirit realm is not a habitation of the material or physical the reward for sowing to the material world is received here and now.  Because the Spirit realm is a habitation of spiritual things those who sow their spirit life will reap accordingly in 

the hereafter.

So, live your lives.  God took care of everything that once stood in our way.  You are free to choose Him now, to pursue Him now, diligently . . . or not.  This is the Great News that the Good News of the Gospel brings.  IT was Good News to the Nation of Israel in that day because it was there to redeem them from the coming end of all of that age.

Realizing this, however, it is the Great News that all seeking souls need to hear.  The Work is done.  The former age is over.  God has been reconciled and every single human being now stands, as it were, in the Garden of Eden, deciding daily what to do with their life, what to pursue, what to choose to have as their top priority.

So, what then, does all of this mean in the world today?  What is God looking and hoping for?  What is the point of life?  I think we can summarize this up pretty simply. For the vast majority of the world population, life is a gift to be lived.  It has obstacles and trials, includes pain and opportunities to grow and advance in innumerable ways.

It also presents most people with limitations, failures and propensities to overcome.  There are endless avenues of expression, investigation and education and God made this world and human thereupon to go forward and take care of this world, to subdue it, to have dominion over it and to help populate it.

We maintain that all avenues are intrinsically good and that it is human-kind that makes something good or evil.  We ardently maintain that when anything is used to harm, under-mind, imprison, control or capture the soul it is being used in an evil way.  We maintain that when anything is used to encourage life and living, to enhance kindness and joy and good, and to increase the well-being of things that bring joy, life, light and health, it is good.  And every single person has a life to decide if they will approach it in these ways.   Conversely, all people have the ability to take anything on this life and to turn it on the world in a negative way – negative because the way they use the things of this world is to trap, imprison, control, reduce, steal life, time, light, and well-being – that these are living selfishly, self-centeredly, and wrongly.

Each of these approaches, without any care for God – are activities that have little to no merit or currency in the kingdom above.  They are what THIS material life is about and their treasures are only applicable here.  In essence, they can be summarized as our thinking that in the face of them – Good or Evil – God could or would say to people,

“You have your reward. Now enjoy your heavenly neighborhood.  And each person will be assigned a heavenly home according to their desires and actions here on earth.  No judgement necessary.  No condemnation.  Each person will reap what they sow – sow dark controlling evil, reap the same.  Sow kindness and love, reap the same – in the mansion (body you receive) from Him after this life. Again, all of this is to people who have zero care for God after this life.  How can we even say this – especially if we say that God is just.  How could Hitler die and go to a heavenly realm?

Hitler will receive in reward all He contributed to His eternal home while here – simple as that.  We really can’t say much more except that God is Just and that is why He sent His only Son to pay for all of Adam’s choices – so we could be free from punishment.

However, what about those who choose to pursue and follow God, diligently and in spirit and truth, and to eat of the Tree of Life, sowing seeds of Godly truth, directives, insights and love.  What about people of faith in Him, who have Him in their hearts, and who sacrifice their lives, will, ways and flesh for His?  This is another story as it has a very different set of instructions in the scripture. And here is what such are afforded by way of scriptural insights.

First, the world has been redeemed from all sin, death, the grave, and the clutches of Satan.  All over so all – all – reconciled.

By discovering this and being willing to receive it by faith and with gratitude, we are equipped by the Spirit to take in more.

First the milk of the scripture – what fortifies babes and then the meat of the scripture.  Do we notice that we are searching through the scripture after having been liberated from our addiction to it!  That is the thing.  The scripture is a gift and it is good, but it is not a thing to be worshipped or to idolize or to take hold of us.

It is a gift not a book of demands; it’s an interactive map, not a manual of musts.  As we take it in and consider its directives personally.

As NO man can say, Know the Lord, Know the Lord, ‘for all will know Him.

But here’s the deal – for those who choose faith, and those who choose love – YAHAVAH is calling out constantly for you to draw deeper and deeper into your understanding and knowledge of Him.

There is no demand, just a constant open invitation and here is the thing – its not only to those who have received Him by faith – its to all, making it a constant endless invitation for every soul to come to Him and walk in ongoing and increasing liberty.

For this reason, we offer studies and video series in and through the written scripture to help unveil Him and His will as people are led to see and believe.  And all of this is in the offering for all souls since Christ has had the victory and forevermore.  Religion wants to ignore most of these things, and to take the ancient manuscripts and impose them upon the world as if nothing has ever happened or changed since Jesus came into the world.

They want to act like we are still waiting for Him to come and take His church/Bride.  They are telling all men everywhere, “know the Lord, know the Lord,” when that is just over.   

We hope this information in this Blog serves to liberate you and to free you up from Biblical Addition.  At the same time, we hope that in the face of this news, this great news, that you will see the absolute value in CHOOSING to seek after the living God, of your own volition and that in faith you will embrace the hope that living for Him and seeking Him here is a win/win for you, your family and the world.

Get ready for our second up and coming blog – four letters written to a pastor during Covid 19 lockdown.

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